Due to a recent update by SCR888 Casino, the company has gone through a name change and it is now called 918Kiss Casino. Everything is still the same, such as the games inside of 918Kiss is exactly the same as in SCR888. The biggest change that we can see for now is just the layout of the online casino. The app is now very brightly coloured with a soothing and sexy pink. You will not be playing in that dull blue coloured casino which gives us such a dead feel to its casino.

You can get the 918Kiss app for free here at BigChoySun Online Casino. Stick around because we will assist you on the steps to 918Kiss Login. Not only that, if you sign up today, be sure to claim the 918Kiss Free Credit! It is only available while stocks last! Let’s say if you are not eligible to claim this current 918Kiss Free Credit bonus, there are plenty of other bonuses here at BigChoySun Online Casino. Just check out our promo section and you will definitely find one that suits you.


Steps To Login

All you have to do is just click on the 918Kiss App and then you will be on the 918Kiss Login page. Fill in your account details and then click on the Login button. It’s as simple as that and if you still can’t log in, then you’ll need to contact the customer service agent to assist you. Make sure that you have registered for a 918Kiss account so that you will have the username and password for the 918Kiss login. After you are done with the login, you will be on the 918Kiss game menu.

At the main menu, you will be able to see the 918Kiss Jackpot grand amount and if you want to find more games, just move to the right and there will be more games. If you don’t know how the game works, you can always research online or click on the Info button when you are in the new game. You may also try the games out with the 918Kiss Test ID as this is a test app.

It doesn’t require you to deposit money to get credit in to your 918Kiss account. The 918Kiss Test ID is the same as the regular 918Kiss App. All of the games and payouts are similar to the games in the 918Kiss App. Even the login steps are the same for both the 918Kiss Test ID and the 918Kiss App. You may get the 918Kiss Test ID for free if you are a member here at BigChoySun Online Casino. All you have to do is just request for it via the Live Chat bar.


Profitable Ways To Use The Test ID

This section would best suit the three card poker players. Since this is one of the hottest game at 918Kiss Casino, we are willing to share with you one of the many ways to win at this casino. This tip was shared with us by a pro three card poker player. So there are three available spaces for you to sit and play, just pick one seat and try out a few hands for starters. For the Ante and Bet, you may place any amount that you feel comfortable with.

However, for the Pair Plus bet, it is advisable that you place a bet smaller than the Ante and Bet. When placing a bet on the Pair Plus bet, please do not exceed more than half of the Ante and Bet. The best ratio would be 1:3. Example, if you place RM100 on the Pair Plus bet, a good amount to place on the Ante and Bet would be RM300 or more. The reason why you are placing a smaller amount on the Pair Plus bet is that the Pair Plus bonus is not that easy to hit.

Whereas the Ante and Bet, you will most likely win the dealer if not get your money back because the dealer will fold if he doesn’t get a hand greater than J. If you do hit the Pair Plus bonus, you will be rewarded handsomely but this may take quite some time. It’s better for you to focus on beating the dealer’s hand instead. The chances are, you will have a higher winning percentage because the dealer will fold his cards.


Spinning To Make More Cash

Here, we will discuss the game of roulette. Since there are 37 numbers to bet on, we often pick a few and miss the numbers that we bet on. We will guide you on how to guess exactly where the ball will land. Let’s start by picking 2 places to bet on. The number zero itself, five columns to the right of it and five columns to the left of it. This will be one section that you will bet on. The other part will be the number five itself, five columns to the right of it and five columns to the left of it.

Just focus your bets on these two parts of the roulette wheel and ignore the rest as these two parts are the most frequent parts of the roulette wheel where the ball will land on. Just follow the trend by looking at the latest 10 rounds. If the ball lands on the zero side for more than 8 rounds, then you should place your bets on the zero side. If it’s the other way around, then you should place on the five side.



Wait no more and just sign up as a member of BigChoySun Online Casino to claim your free credit. As you know, the 918Kiss Free Credit bonus is for a limited time only. Get it now while stocks last. Even if the free credit finishes, you can always opt for another bonus as there are plenty of bonuses available at our casino. Once you have claimed the free credit, do not forget to use it with the strategies that we have provided. If not, you can always try to get a hack and use the free credit with it. We’re sure that you will make tons of money if you have the hack. Have fun trying all these out!