918Kiss Login

918Kiss Login

Many of you might not know that recently, 918Kiss Online Casino has released the latest versions of the 918Kiss app for both the Android and Apple smartphones. The apps are 918Kiss APK Version 2.0 and 918Kiss iOS Version 2.0. We will guide you on how to download the 918Kiss app and also show you the 918Kiss login steps. Not to mention, we will only use the official 918Kiss Download link and site to download the 918Kiss app. 918Kiss Online Casino was previously known as SCR888 Online Casino and it boasts of its absurd payouts in the slot games section.

There are over 150 games in total at 918Kiss Online Casino, so you’ll never get bored of playing. You can register as a member of BigChoySun Online Casino to get the latest updates and news from 918Kiss Online Casino as we are shareholders of the 918Kiss Online Casino Company. We will also guide you on registering as a member of BigChoySun Online Casino. If you want to register and download the 918Kiss App, all you have to do is just contact the customer service agent via the Live Chat bar.

You may also ask them how to login if you are not sure how to log in to the 918Kiss App because we will just briefly go through it here. To log in, just click on the 918Kiss App then fill in your account details such as your username and password then click on the Login button. Before you do this, please make sure that you have a 918Kiss account. You may get the 918Kiss account by registering as a member of our casino.

918Kiss Login

918Kiss Login – What Should You Do After That?

Pick a game and start playing, obviously! Don’t forget to claim any free credit bonus available before you log in. There are many ongoing promotions here at BigChoySun Online Casino. Watch out for any suitable bonus because the free credit sometimes is really large. Claim the 918Kiss Free Credit first then only start playing. I mean, what’s a better way to play than not using your own money as a capital. Better still if you could win massive sums of money with the 918Kiss Free Credit.

You may also try playing at the slot games with the free credit because the slot games at 918Kiss Casino doesn’t require a big capital to play. It would probably cost you RM0.25 per round. After 4 rounds, that’s only RM1. Pretty affordable if you asked me. What else can you do with the free credit? Well, if you have a winning strategy, you can always try it out with the free credit. Who knows, you might be rich overnight. Try getting a winning strategy for the slot games because that wouldn’t cost too much.

918Kiss Login

918Kiss Login – Play Using This Top Technique

With so many winning strategies out there, we have one up our sleeves to share with you. This would benefit you in the game of baccarat. You’ll need to prepare RM1,000 as a capital if you don’t get to claim the 918Kiss Free Credit. First, place RM500 on the Banker and wait for the results. If you lose, you may try using the balance RM500 on the next round again on the Banker. However, if you win, you’ll have a total of RM1,500. Place RM1,000 on the Banker again and then place RM100 on the Tie bet.

You will have a remaining of RM400, place RM200 on the Player Pair and another RM200 on the Banker Pair. If the Banker wins, you’ll make an extra RM1,000. If the Tie opens, you’ll get an extra RM800 and your bet on the Banker which is originally RM1,000. However, if you’re lucky enough, and get two pairs on the Player and the Banker, you’ll get RM1,100 each and that’s a total of RM2,200. So, even if you lose your original bet on the Banker, you’ll make more than enough to cover your loss at the Banker and the Tie which is just a total of RM1,100.

Hopefully, you don’t lose the Banker bet and also earn from there, which is an additional RM1,000. Let’s just say you hit the Banker bet, the Player pair and the Banker pair, you would get a total of RM3,200. That’s not even inclusive of your original bets, which is RM1,500. Of course, if you hit all those, you would lose the bet on the Tie which is only RM100. I’m pretty sure that a trade-off between RM100 for RM3,200 is great.

918Kiss Login

918Kiss Login – Useful Tips For Sic Bo

Did you know that the game of Sic Bo, is also known as Dai Sai? Yes, this game is often called Dai Sai in most of the Asian countries. This game originated from Macao and it has been a hit ever since. The two main bets that you can place on are Big and Small. But in this post, we will guide you in making more than just betting on the Big and Small. Often people say that you can’t make any money from Sic Bo but today, we will prove them wrong. For this to work, you’ll need to focus on the past results of the Sic Bo table that you are at.

View the last 20 rounds properly and try to find a trend. There are only two main places to bet on, so just find out which side comes out more often. Let’s say that the Big always appears, so the next bet, you’re obviously going to place a bet on Big. Don’t just place bets on Big, make sure you place some bets below Big, such as the single digit bets just below Big. Example, the numbers 11 to 17 are all placed under Big. So just place RM100 on each of these places.

The total will only cost you RM700 if you place RM100 on each of those. Since you already placed RM700 on the single digit bets, you might as well place a bigger bet on Big itself. Place at least RM1,000 on Big so that even if you get the lower payouts for the single digit bets, you would make so much more on Big itself. That’s all for now, we wish you have a happy and wonderful gaming session at 918Kiss Casino.