SCR888 Casino Online

SCR888 Casino Online

SCR888 has been around for a few years and it is the most played casino in Malaysia. Many Malaysians opt for SCR888 casino online because of its high payouts in the slot games free spin bonus feature. You’ll never get bored playing at SCR888 casino online because there are over 100 games in it. If you want to play SCR888 on your phone, you can always download the SCR888 app. The SCR888 casino online app can be used on both the IOS Device or the Android Smartphone. You can get the SCR888 casino online app at BigChoySun Online Casino but first, you’ll need to register as a member. Below we will guide you on how you can make RM15,000 per week just by playing at SCR888 casino online.

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SCR888 Casino Online: How To Get RM15,000

First, you’ll need to register as a member at BigChoySun Online Casino and then download the SCR888 app. You can do this for free by reading SCR888 Free Download | How To Download SCR888 For Free? Just click on the link and follow the step by step guide. After you have downloaded the SCR888 app on your mobile phone, you’ll need to deposit at least RM500 into your SCR888 casino online account. This will be your capital but don’t worry, you will not be using all of the RM500 to play. The RM500 is for standby.

Once you have the RM500 in your SCR888 casino online account, you’ll need to go in the SCR888 app and select the game SCR888 Dolphin Reef. Set your Total Bet per spin to RM15 and start spinning. Within 30 minutes, you will bound to come across a free spin bonus feature. In that free spin bonus feature, you will get roughly about RM1500.

After the first free spin bonus feature, log out of the game completely. Make sure you exit the SCR888 app too. Then restart your phone. After restarting, go back into the SCR888 app and go back into SCR888 Dolphin Reef again. Set your Total Bet per spin to RM15 again and continue spinning until you hit the free spin bonus feature. Now, after the second round, you will have a total win of RM3000 from this whole gaming session. Read below to find out more.

SCR888 Casino Online

SCR888 Casino Online: Road To RM15,000

So, from one gaming session, we know that it is possible to earn about RM3000 and it only takes about an hour or two. What you need to do is just repeat this process from Monday to Friday and in these 5 days, you will earn about RM15,000. It only takes less than a week to earn RM15,000 but if you have the time, we would suggest that you do it on the weekends too to earn slightly more. If you do this consistently for 5 days a week and in a month you will be earning about RM60,000 and all you need is just RM500 as a capital.

8 Simple Steps To Get RM15,000 From SCR888

Below will be a summary of what you need to do:

  1. Register as a member at BigChoySun Online Casino.
  2. Download the SCR888 app.
  3. Deposit RM500 into your SCR888 account.
  4. Go into the SCR888 app and find for the game SCR888 Dolphin Reef.
  5. Spin for RM15 per spin until you hit the free spin bonus feature.
  6. Log out completely of the game.
  7. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until your winnings for that day is a total of RM3,000.
  8. Do this every day for five days and you will end up with a minimum total of RM15,000 in a week.

Below will be some recommended games to try out at SCR888.

SCR888 Casino Online Enchanted Garden

SCR888 Enchanted Garden

You’ve never seen a fairytale quite like this before! SCR888 Enchanted Garden drops you into a mythical land where all your favorite fairytale creatures call home. Unicorns, Fairies, Princesses, Magical butterflies and Fiery rings they’re all here, alive and free. And they’re more rewarding than ever. This 5 reels, 20 paylines slot game includes special bonus features where you can earn up to 200x your bet, extra payouts for hitting special symbols, and a random jackpot that can hit when you least expect it. It all adds up to the wildest, most rewarding fairytale you’ve ever read. And you’re a very real part of it.

SCR888 Enchanted Garden is a 20 paylines game, but you don’t have to play all 20 lines if you don’t want to. Just use the up and down arrows to the left and right of the Lines button to make your payline selections. You can do the same for your Bet selection. The default bet amount is RM0.05 per line, but you can lower it to as little as RM0.01 or raise it to as much as RM5, for a maximum bet of RM100 per spin. Your total bet per spin is displayed at the very top of the game. To lock in your selections, click Spin. You’ll be paid out according to how many symbols you line up. Click Help at any time to view the pay schedule.

SCR888 Casino Online Silver Bullet

SCR888 Silver Bullet

SCR888 Silver Bullet is a 9 paylines slot game operating on the SCR888 app. The Colt symbol is the game’s Scatter and The Sheriff Badge symbol is the Wild, which doubles any win it is a part of. Players are recommended to play the game for real money. Prior to helping the Sheriff run the town, one should select their bet. To select the number of paylines played, players need to press “Bet One”, while “+/-” changes the denomination, which ranges from RM0.01 to RM5. “Spin” initiates the game and “Bet Max” spins the reels at the maximum wager. Clicking on the wrench symbol and then “Au­top­lay­” turns the reels multiple times uninterrupted.